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Collapsible Silicone Snack Cup

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$19.99 USD
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$19.99 USD
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 Snack Attack Snack Cup , Your Toddler and Baby Snack Catcher Lid 

  • Made For Families: Flaps will not bite little hands reaching in and easy for baby to pull out snacks. Large holding handle with no slip grip technology.
  • Spill Proof: Shake, rattle and throw and the snacks still stay inside!
  • Durability:100% Silicone will not break, unlike plastic parts on the majority of snack cups.
  • Peace Of Mind: Dust Proof Lid to keep unwanted “things” out. Tight and snug fit lid prevents any dust, dirt, sand, or grass from getting into baby’s snack.
  • Convenience: Easy, quick, fun snacks on the go. Very simple to clean. Easily rinse product with warm soapy water or dishwasher.

Type: Drinkware
Handle: Yes
Certification: FDA
Material: Food Grade Silicone